1969 Land Rover 109 Series 2a X Dutch Military Ambulance

Meet “DUSTY”

This was a great fun project.

Why do I have this of all things…

The back story;  My mom’s mom in Holland had an Armoire that my parents were trying to find a way to bring it back to Florida.  The cost was very expensive in shipping to say the least.  My resourceful dad figured out how shipping companies decided costs and learned that a functioning car that was 25 years old could be shipped much easier and for 1/10 the price of the Armoire on its own.

So what else do you do but naturally buy a x Military surplus Ambulance, stuff the thing in the back and send it on over.

Complete with 100 lbs of green camouflage ruler brush paint holding up the rust bucket, i quickly got myself a tetanus shot, and filled it full of surfboards and windsurfers.  I kind of stuck out like a sore thumb when i drove it to high school every day too… that and my syrin was a bit alarming as well.

All the while as i drove Dusty everywhere around town in Sarasota Fl i thought to myself, “let’s just pack up and drive from here to Patagonia Chile!”  Surf and cultural adventure and live in the back!

10 years later, i decided to take on the job of giving “Dusty” a frame off full ground up restoration.

Upon completion, i made it so “cherry” that i never wanted to mess it up romping around in Central and South America adventure with him.  That’s my down fall, i don’t settle for second best in my work.  Its the right way only.  The Artist in me comes out all day long, creating a unique look but not sacrificing strength, only promoting it further as well as blending new modern feel to a timeless icon, the Land Rover Classics.

Dusty is 15% from completion and is for sale.


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