Land Rover History

It all began in 1948. After the WWII England wanted to rebuild. Land Rovers were built to be farm vehicles as they were built with PTO’s (power take off – an additional drive shaft running from the transition) the Land Rover was able to plow a field running a combine, drive a saw for cutting lumber, of course a winch for hauling just about anything, among many others as well as driving your children to school.

Land Rover’s were built as extremely rugged and durable trucks, in actual fact a tractor. With a very torquey engine for crawling up the Himalayan mountains, romping through the amazon jungle, crossing the African Sahara sands… Land Rovers can make it happen. You will be buying a powerful lineage of strength and adventure.

Land Rover realized that they have a good thing, not for the betterment of personal profit but for the community and country prosperity.  Hence the reason not much has changed for 1948 – 2016 when the last land rover Defender was produced in the likeness and the spirit of the 1948.