Mix and Match the Parts You Like.

What do we mean when we say Customize?

Check out our inventory !  and that’s just the beginning…

Land Rovers have been able to be mixed and matched with parts like Lego’s so coming up with something that fits your lifestyle or just artistic flair is what we aim for.   If you have a series 1-2-3  or Defender Land Rover please let us know, or we can find one for you.   Lets see what we can create for you.  Rad Rovers would love the opportunity to present to you an array of possibilities from not just body styles, but colors and  to materials to fit you’re lifestyles interests.  We can make new models to what you would like for your originality.

( check out the models Land Rover has built from 1948 to now)

There is no end to our imagination and ability.

How do we do it?

  • All parts from big body paneling to nuts and bolts are sand / media  blasted
  •  All body parts are afterwords Powder-coated for the very best long lasting protection.

No one is perfect, don’t fight the imperfections. Growing old is a good thing. We don’t like to erase the past, we like capitalizing on its vivid history and presenting the struggles as well as the strength to continue to endure many more years of adventures.

Like a doctor fixes his patients, we bring our rad land rovers back from forgotten, abandoned, abused, and neglected to a fresh new start to a bright new beginning. Just imagine your 68 year old body after all those adventures and stories to tell and then give you the bones and muscle of a strapping teenager, but still have the knowledge and extraordinary experiences of 68 years of going strong… well, you just met “RAD ROVERS”


Important Note:

Question : Why do I build them with all the damaged body panels?
Answer : Character & charm. Memories & stories
We do NOT mask over ANY imperfections in body panels OR structural and integrul reinforcements with fillers and fairing compounds.  We make them strong! and we hide nothing.  


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