jason stoll

owner, operator and chief builder of Rad Rovers.

Born and raised at sea, Jason grew up traveling the world. Working on labor-intensive ships gave him skills that he has transferred into his land life.

At age 15 he bought a rolling chassis and 30 boxes and crated engine for a 1963 88’ series 2a. 10 month later the father and son project became ingrained in his brain forever and the bug never left him. 10 years later of using that silver 88’ as a daily driver he was hooked and bought a 1969 109’ series 2a Dutch Military Surplus Ambulance. Coming complete with a healthy helping of rust, roller brush paint, and wood rot but man, was it cool. Driving that to school and the surf brakes full of boards he decided, it too deserved a frame off restoration.

Upon completion, the transformation was stunning, to say the least.

Keeping the big red crosses and adding a few, oscillating sirens, and revolving emergency light on the roof just to mention a few fun characteristics. Replacing the rotten wood floor and inner body skins with transparent clear Lexan and removing the green and dingy paint and naturally rust bust to a powder coated body of a light cream gave it a fresh new look and the game was on.

Jason maintained full-time employment in sail training schools, as well as sailing around the world in 1997-99 on his 43’ ketch at age 19. After four years of university and 15 more working in the private yachting world, he decided it was time to turn his hobby into his career. Sailing and his friends and family taught him the skills transferable from one environment to the next and to hone his skills to take on building classic land rovers full time and yachting for a hobby. Now, he devotes everything he has into his passion for these iconic 4×4’s and in hopes to share his endless creations and enthusiastic interests with the world.’

Cat Bagheera

Chief Quality Inspector: Bagheera