Welcome to Rad Rovers!

Restore. Revive. Rebuild.  You name it – we create it!

RAD ROVERS is your one-stop shop for;

Restored — Resto Mod — Unique — Customized — Re-engineered

Classic Land Rovers.

Whether it be for a radical off road adventure, a pleasant memory building weekend getaway vehicle with the whole family, (or like me) a daily driver and over all work horse –  Rad Rovers can do it!

Rad Rovers will accommodate your vehicle to tackle the terrain. Traversing rugged snow capped mountains,  a journey through a dense and lush tropical rainforest, or immerse yourself into the vacant abyss of the desert plains, look no further.  We’re here to get you on the path of your choosing.

Yes ok, most of us (including me) hop in the driver seat to go get a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread and only get to imagine an insane trek through that jungle or mountain range to the grocery store but heck, it’s still fun, and why are you doing it if you’re not enjoying your life.

Let us take the wheel as it were, and alleviate that burden of inability and bring you into the category of ability.

The Land Rover is second to none.

It is definitely the “Go anywhere, Do anything” vehicle no matter where you find yourself.

Even one of Land Rovers famous advertising cheeky quotes is;  “once you exit the vehicle, you’re on your own”

Rad Rovers thrives on creative energy.

We are all only limited by our imagination, and ours hasn’t stopped.

Classic Land Rovers are our passion. We love what we do.

By joining the Rad Rover family you become a part of a powerful lineage of strength, passion and adventure.

You have one life, one opportunity, to live out your dreams and pursue your passion. Let Rad Rovers turn your dreams of adventure into first-hand accounts.

What’s your dream?

(Mic drop*)

…Still not convinced?

Well then i encourage you to watch and listen to this video of Richard Hammond from

“TOP GEAR”…it culminates our thinking too.