Series 2a Land Rover Restoration for Florida

Hey there Land Rover / Rad Rover fans!

Come say hello to “JADE”

So for about a month now we at Rad Rovers have been working on a 1960’s Series 2 or series 2a or series 3 Land Rover ! …. i say it that way because we are not quite sure what it is because the first builder used a series 2a chassis and a series 3 transmission, and Series 2 bulkhead….

The owner commissioned someone to build him a rover… this rover.

It was a bit thrown together… to put it mildly.

Just days later after ownership he found Rad Rovers and said… “i can stop, but that’s the problem…. I can’t go again! the brakes are all locked up! Can you help me?”

Sure thing boss! Send it over here.

Interestingly enough, we live in the same home town of Sarasota Florida !

So after I get it fixed, I can still see it kickin around town! so that’s fun.

Lovely guy and his wife too, happy to help.

Yes sir! the brakes were a real mess! AND the E brake wasn’t even close to having a chance.

So work load was roughly:

  • all wheels got 100% re-built from the axle housing flange outward, including new UV joints on the half shafts + new race bearings…. the works.  New swivel balls, New bearings, New lip seals, New shoes, New…everything
  • E-Brake was also 100% overhauled from transfer case back.
  • rear drive shaft overhauled
  • rear differential pinion flange and lip seal rebuilt
  • all three-pedal got removed and rebuilt:
  • The clutch master cylinder reservoir was the one that was built in so not a chance of accessing it under the fender (its left hand drive) Changed that one out and added an isolated reservoir.
  • The Brake cylinder was for a 109 with the double line system to front and back with the servo…. noooot posable.  The system was overloaded with pressure.
  • The skinny pedal was so loose in all the linkages I said to hell with it and added my own tried and proven custom throttle assembly. It’s a cable controlled system that is clean, simple, precise and easy to install.  (If you want a better throttle assembly let me know)
  • And the Wiring !! omg the wiring… what a basket case or rats nest garbage.  My electrician removed 2/3rd of what was there and that’s just the beginning.  There were about a dozen stripped and exposed hot / live wires just floating around behind the gauge cluster !?!   I’m “shocked” there wasn’t an electrical fire.
  • Naturally seeing that I said we are adding an emergency battery cut off switch
  • Adding a dock for USB charging station and 12v outlet
  • The mufler ! (im really dead serious now…) was dangling in the air by two plastic zip ties ?!
  • LED’s everywhere! Green led strips inside the cab and under bonnet. And all the marker / driving lights are all changed out to the Defender fully waterproof housing units.  Really love those…
  • Brand new and fully custom fuel line from tank to carb. Yes, another design of mine that I’ve used many times.
  • Thinking of also adding a custom made spare tire mounting bracket on to his tailgate with a jerry can.
  • steering wheel didn’t have a cancel wheel for the blinker
  • Doors wouldn’t stay closed
  • OH! there wasn’t any oil anywhere in the transmission or steering / swivel ball housings  !?

so… a great Flintstone Land Rover is quickly becoming a RAD ROVER !

If you wan’t it done right and want to live longer, come visit “Rad Rovers”



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