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We are in the business of making your Nantucket Land Rover dreams come true and Rad Rovers is a big fan of Nantucket.

Friendliest people on the planet!

I have traveled the globe for work and pleasure my 38 years now and I was blown away by the hospitality I was shown by everyone on the island.  And not to mention the excellent taste (if I do say so my self) in there optimal choice of cars, the classic land rover.  

Keeping to traditional long-time values was an aspect that was apparent as well.  The architecture, period and timeless, tasteful and charming.  Much the exact same way I view the classic land rover

So! I wasn’t surprised to found out that per capita, there are more classic land rovers on Nantucket than anywhere else on the planet!  Way to go Nantucket! And !’m sure all you proud owners of these Land Rovers are eager to uphold these traditions and style of living?  Good, so am I.  

BUT wait!  Question: “Who do I ask let alone trust to fix my dear Classic Land Rover waaaaay out here on Nantucket?”  It is a problem I’m willing to step in and help out with.  

Here is my proposition;  For the majority of the owners,  Nantucket is a seasonal place to enjoy.   I myself am located in a year-round workable environment.  How about, I take your pride and joy Classic Land Rover off your hands, bring it to my workshop, perform Rad Rover’s surgery to it, and bring it back looking dazzling!

With us here at Rad Rovers we pride ourselves in our creative energy.  Let’s have a sit-down chat and brainstorm up something unique to fit your lifestyle, your interests, and ideals. I mean, you have the cornerstone/foundation already! Why don’t we make it last the ages and tests of time.  

Why don’t we make it completely relate to you

Why don’t we fix all those little bugaboos those pesky quirks those annoyances and hey! While we’re at it, let’s give it a makeover that is unsurpassed and is in the taste and style that fits who you are.  

We are all unique individuals,  why not express our individuality in the quality car we drive. So if you would like this to be more what you’re doing?

Please!  Give us a call at Rad Rovers.


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