1963 Land Rover Series 2A 88 Short Cab, SOLD

Bought as a rolling chassis. 50 boxes of parts and 10 months of head scratching this Father and Son project and we were done. Over the years I have carried out 2 1/2 frame off restorations on “Sandy”. Repeating steps and or experimenting with new tactics and products I found my system eventually that I’m proud of. 20 something years of Sandy being my daily driver, I’m proud of my work. Phew… and this got me hooked and ready for the next and the next. Enjoy!

Rad Rover Final product restoration

1969 Land Rover 109 series 2a X Dutch Military Ambulance FOR SALE asking $85k when finished

The back story; My mom’s mom in Holland had an Armoire that my parents were trying to find a way to bring it back to Florida. The cost was very expensive in shipping to say the least. My resourceful dad figured out how shipping companies decided costs and learned that a functioning car that was 25 years old could be shipped much easier and for 1/10 the price of the Armoire on its own.

So what else do you do but naturally buy a x Military surplus Ambulance, stuff the thing in the back and send it on over.

1970 Land Rover 109 series 2a 5 door station wagon. FOR SALE $72k

Rescue was in dire straits when i got him, arguable had been loved a little too much.

It was obvious that Rescue need a new chassis. Importing a brand new Galvanized chassis from England we went to work on a 100% complete overhaul. There’s nothing I like more than a brand new chassis to work from. Every nut, bolt, and washer was removed, inspected, rebuilt or replaced with genuine Land Rover parts.

As per usual at Rad Rovers, Everything! is sand / media blasted to rid the metalof rust, paint,