1990 Land Rover Defender 110 Country SOLD!

Meet “Polynesia”

This awesome beast is a great addition to our Rad Rovers compound!

I purchased it in South Africa at the same time as our 1961 (green) 109 series 2a 4 doors that was the predecessor for this Defender 110 5 door.  (also in our inventory)

Upon arrival to Rad Rovers, we gave it a good looking over.

Our work list:

  • First to hunt for rust… NO RUST!  The arid and dry desert climate of central South Africa was good to this rover.  Big relief.
  • Removed all carpeting, insulation, sublayers, headliners, and seats. 
  • Replaced with indoor/outdoor carpeting without insulation so when and if you get it sandy or muddy, don’t worry, it won’t get damp and funky and smell like a wet dog. 
  • The seats are in great shape so they got a bath, paint, and 100% waterproof seat covers made specifically for these seats so they fit nice and tight. 
  • The rear sliding glass window assemblies both leaked a ton so we removed them, resealed with silicon to fill every void nicely and re-riveted back in. 
  • The wiring was a basket case… We removed the gauge cluster went through it one wire at a time till we had the basics back and nothing exposed or dangerous. 

The key ignition switch we replaced along with the indicator/headlight high beams wand as well as the emergency lights on/off switch.   

  • SU carburetors have been overhauled and its purring like an African lion, also thanks to a huge air intake filter.


  • 225w Cree LED spot / flood lights on front bumper
  • Interior LED’s with loads of light
  • All 3 rear seats have brand newly purchased seatbelts
  • USB x2 charging station on dash

     also doubles as your battery digital voltage readout even when the engine is off you can see where your voltage is at. 

  • Battery total disconnect switch for safety.
  • Music!  We custom installed a big amp, 2x 6” & 2x 6×9”, and a Deck that has blue tooth, voice command and call sink, x2 USB docks and of course an AUX.   Sound is kickin.
  • Defender LED marker and driving lite package all the way around
  • Trailer tow hitch receiver 2” sleeve is also custom and I said it’s a must have, of course with 4 prong USA style wiring plug.  Yes it works… no you don’t need an adapter for the English 7 prong original plug… my electrician is awesome.   
  • Engine received new spark plugs, spark plug wires, coil, cap and rotor.
  • A break lite switch and emergency lite / hazards switch.
  • We designed a neat feature on the roof fashioned after the Land Rover Series trop tops where by when the baking sun hits your car, this panel heats up but disperses the heat and your trucks roof is always in the shade and kept cool.  Powder coated, and all aluminum plating. 
  • Front windshield rubber gasket we also replaced new.
  • We had 3 or 4 custom ceiling panels made out of aluminum, covered it all with carpet, to make everything look really tidy, clean and smart.
  • Tires.  Rims are all sandblasted and powder coated.  Tires are the biggest you can get for these rims at 265-70-16 General Grabber AT2.

The Land Rover V8 petrol can do any job.

This body style is most sought after for its versatility and functionality

It is a right-hand drive but I see no difference in drivability on or off the road.

The plan to make her body as a Polynesian tribal might do to their body in tattoos in only black and white was I think the greatest touch.  We used a vinyl wrap print of authentic Polynesian tribal art to tell a story of lineage exactly how one would do it in the Islands of the south seas.

Of course, we will do anything you like.  We can present to you a multitude of artistic and innovative creations to make your ride, your ride.  If this body wrap isn’t to your interests, don’t worry! Its just a sticker, we will take it off and set you up with any color and style you like. The great thing about vinyl wrap body art is, you can always take it off and give it a different look altogether if you tire of it.

And the great thing about these iconic Land Rovers is that you can mix and match part until you have the look and ride that fits you.  We present to you a finished functioning product but we can still go further!!

Please let us know if you are interested in purchasing this awesome ride. 

Looking forward to serving you. 



“Polynesia” Just got some UPGRADES !!

There have been a few nice additions as well to the vehicle:

* An aftermarket HEATER  was installed and it is just awesome amounts of blasting the heat in the front and in the back of the truck.  All parts supplied by Summit Racing.  I’m not sure if you know about the Land Rover heaters from the factory but they were totally rubbish and even land rover says so lol.

* The Body Wrap was also “finished”. We should have but didn’t until now, add the wrap to the top section above the back door on the roof.  (pictures don’t show it…)

* LED HEADLIGHTS! (again pictures don’t show it…)

* Both the clutch cylinders have been replaced as well.

*  Rebuilt the steering pump and made a better mounting bracket for assess ability.

* The clutch throw out bearing is brand new!

* The Emergency / Handbrake has been totally overhauled with new shoes and lip seals.

* The transfer case spider gear has been replaced with all brand new gears and shims.

* The forward Pinion lip seal is brand new.

* ALL engine and transmission chassis rubber mounts are brand new

* All transmission gaskets are new

* The rear axle ball joint top link is brand new

* New speedo cable

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